SqlMW throws exception


Great tool, mostly works nicely, however when downloading a database from Azure, it completes the scripting and bcp out, the next step is to connect to a local Sql Server - at that point it throws an exception (handled) when it finds an offline database in the local server list. I can carry on, but the cursor is the spinning circle, so it looks like its stuck.

BTW why is this Open Sauce in Codeplex? it should be part of Microsoft's tool set, properly supported & scheduled, not relying on volunteers.


ghuey wrote Feb 25, 2014 at 9:04 PM


Thanks for the feedback. I never thought about an offline database. So I will put this on my todo list to fix. But you are up and running right? If you need an immediate fix, let me know and I will bump it up on my priority list.

As far as why is this Open Source, that is a story best told over a very large glass of beer.

Thanks again for the feedback,