v4.0.17.1 hangs? Accented characters?



Your app has gotten me the closet to getting my two troublesome DBs converted over the SQL Azure, but I am running into 2 issues:

1) The app deploys all of my table to SQL Azure very quickly, but the largest one, >6gb of data in the BCPData folder, with binary data, seems to hang, even when it is running on just this one table. When I connect to that Azure DB in the browser, it shows no connections, so I assume something has gone awry, but I get no error message. It just seems to keep chugging along until I finally cancel it. It have let it run over 10 hours. Do you think I am cancelling this prematurely or has something indeed gone wrong? I get hung up on this table when trying to deploy via SSMS and the deploy to SQL Azure action as well and Redgate Data Comparre...

2) On the tables that do work, I lose accented characters, Do I have to set some type of encoding somewhere?


Wayne Wilson


ghuey wrote Feb 9, 2014 at 2:31 PM

Hi Wayne,

As long as you see the * going, your program is not stuck. If I was not getting anything back from SQL Database, then you would see an error. It takes awhile to upload data. As far as the accented characters, you might try putting the -w switch on the BCP commands. To do this, edit SQLAzureMW.exe.config file and look for:

<add key="BCPArgsOut" value=""{0}" out {1} -E -n -C RAW"/>

Change it to look like this:

<add key="BCPArgsOut" value=""{0}" out {1} -E -n -w -C RAW"/>

See what that does for you.

Also note, that at this point, what you are really looking at is BCP. If you want more control over what you are doing, just use BCP from a command window and upload your data. One interesting things, the more data you have, the slower BCP gets over time.

If the -w switch does not help, then my next question would be could you send me a repo of the issue so I can figure out the BCP command parameters needed.


wcwilson wrote Feb 9, 2014 at 3:54 PM

Thanks, George, I will try that. There are only ~11k records for that 6gb table because of the files stored in image fields, so I did not see any of the asterisks show up. I downloaded the source code and set the batch size down to 1000 records, so maybe this will allow me to see some asterisks. Running now...

I wonder if I should have set the batch size even lower.



ghuey wrote Feb 10, 2014 at 2:53 AM

Ahhh, I see. The batch size does not effect the *, but I would set the batch size lower because the batch size is when BCP commits what has been uploaded and since you have large blobs in a record, I would set the commit a lot lower (maybe 100 or less). The thing about the batch size is when BCP fails, I know where to restart the BCP upload. Anyway, I agree and yes, you won't see many * because you are not uploading that many records.

Good luck!