Tables containing a single row fail


I'm using V2.1 of the migration wizard, and am finding that whenever I attempt to upload to SQL Azure a table containing a single row, the table is created fine, but contains no data. No errors are reported. If I add another row to the source table and try again, both rows are copied across fine.
I can't see any problems with the BCP file that the wizard creates because I can manually BCP that into a local SQL 2005 table. It's only uploading the row to Azure that is failing.
Any ideas?
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ghuey wrote Nov 11, 2010 at 4:14 PM


Yes, this is a bug in the code. If you go to line 1507 in ScriptWizard.cs, you will find:
            while (retry && start < end)
If you change that to:
            while (retry && start <= end)
It will solve the problem you described. I don't have the old SQL Server 2008 bits on my machine so I can't fix for you, but if you have Visual Studio 2008 (any edition should do), then you should be able to make the change and recompile and run.

Let me know if you have any questions (better to contact me directly through codeplex).


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