QUOTE_IDENTIFIER error when migrating a database

Sep 25, 2012 at 2:00 PM


I am trying to migrate a large database between SQL Server and SQL Database (Azure) using this tool.  During the migration several tables failed to migrate and I receive the following error:

SQLState = 37000, NativeError = 1934
Error = [Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]INSERT failed because the following SET options have incorrect settings: 'QUOTED_IDENTIFIER'. Verify that SET options are correct for use with indexed views and/or indexes on computed columns and/or query notifications and/or xml data type methods.


The Database collation is Latin1_General_BIN on both the source and destination.

Some tables have been migrated, some received that error, and some are not showing up in the destination database or the list of tables with errors.

Anyone would have an idea what could be the cause of the problem and a way to fix it.

On the web I have found some suggestion to re-execute the bcp.exe call with the "-q" option, I have tried this and the execution prevented the error... but the table remained empty...

Is there a solution to this kind of problem?


Sep 25, 2012 at 3:02 PM



If you don’t mind, would you contact me via Codeplex and we can take this offline (until we resolve).  I created a database on my local SQL Server 2012 database and set the collation to Latin1_General_Bin and populated it with the old Northwind database.  I then created a test database in SQL Database (Azure) with the collation set to Latin1_General_Bin and used SQLAzureMW v4.0.9 to migrate from my on-premise to SQL Database.  Everything went well.


So what I would like to do if possible it to get the table script for a couple of your tables that are causing the issue so I can try to reproduce the issue on my machine (thus taking this thread offline).  Anyway, contact me via Codeplex and we can discuss next steps.