Filter list if things that will be scripted

Will be very nice if there will be filter so I can really fast find unwanted stored procedures or something else to uncheck them

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Remove filegroup from generated scripts

I have database with many file groups used on it, after trying to generate scripts and apply them to Azure SQL got many errors like: Error #: 1921 -- Invalid filegroup 'DATA' specified. Will be n...

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Unable to set localdb as target server

I am trying to copy data from SQL Azure to LocalDB SQL Server v12.0.2000 and keep getting "The instance of SQL Server you attempted to connect to does not support encryption" error when trying to s...

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uploading against V12 fails, if there is no database

Hi, I have been using this tool for some time. Very practical. Thanks. We use SQLAzureMWBatchBackup and SQLAzureMWBatchUpload, to move databases Recently we upgraded to V12 and it stopped working. ...

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Getting object reference not set to an instance of an object error

Hi Team, I have downloaded "SQLAzureMW" code from codeplex. I got the zip file(sqlazuremw-73290) , I have extracted and opened it using visual studio2013. I have executed the code I am getting t...

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Automating and future updates

Once I deploy a database to Microsoft Azure SQL Database, when development makes future changes in development environment, can SQL Database Migration Wizard be used for these updates? Also, can it...

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v3.15.6 has bad BCPArgsIn/Out values

The binary available for download right now has a SQLAzureMW.exe.config with the "normal" options commented out and some less useful ones in their place. <add key="BCPArgsIn" value="{0} in {1} -E -...

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use of v5.15.6 on host with just visual studio 2015 installed sql14 localdb in place

I downloaded v5.15.6 on host with just current visual studio 2015 22919 installed sql14 localdb in place and found that i had to change dependencies.xml Version= -> change in order...

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Schema creation worked, data is giving errors

I'm trying to convert a normal SQL database to Azure. The generation of script doesn't give me any problems. Executing is working, just upon upto the generation of data. There I'm getting the fo...

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BCP file not found

I'm trying the new version to move some tables from 2014 to Azure, but I'm getting the following error. Process started at 5/3/2015 12:22:00 AM -- UTC -> 5/3/2015 4:22:00 AM ... Using BCP to get ...

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