False positive on UpdateText


When running the analyzer against one of my databases, I get a
UpdateText is not supported in the current version of SQL Azure
I don't use UpdateText but have a stored procedure named uspUpdateTextData

In the NotSupportedByAzureFile.Config file around line 330 is the regular expression that looks for UpdateText. I added a single white space at the end, it now looks like this:
This fixed my problem, but will it break anything else? Is there are case where one could have the listed keywords without a whitespace after them?

What if my stored procedure is called "uspUpdateText" and in the script there is a space after it, the warning would come back.


ghuey wrote Oct 21, 2013 at 1:55 PM


Great start. I would move the space at the end of TEXT and not at the end of the statement because is could cause you to miss XM_SCHEMA_NAMESPACE statement because it might not have a space after it.

SELECT xml_schema_namespace(N'production',N'ProductDescriptionSchemaCollection')

So, it would look like this:


Note that in case of FALSE positives, when there is no real good Regex statement to avoid them, just ignore the message. They will not stop you from migrating your database to Azure. I will make this change to my source.