Where do I find the "Create Database" options?

Oct 3 at 11:23 PM
I'm working on modifying someone else's process and apparently they set this up somewhere along the way to re-create the database each time the process runs. That's resulting in the DB being dropped and created with file growths set to 1MB for data and 10% for logs, even though the model database is set to grow at 100MB and 50MB respectively. This default results in a LOT of file growth waits, but I can't see anyplace to change those options. Can someone give me a hint where to look for those options? Currently running v4.14. I know that's not the latest, but it's been working for the most part.
Oct 7 at 2:36 AM

Sorry, but these options don't exist in SQLAzureMW and as far I know, you can't set the database growth size in SQL Azure. But that said, if you are running against a SQL Server database, then you can put the setup a SQLCommand to alter the database after SQLAzureMW has done its job.

USE [master]

You can also have a script that drops / creates your SQL Server database with the settings that you want, then just have SQLAzureMW use that database and migrate the schema and data.

Hope this helps,
Tue at 11:43 PM
That doesn't help as much because when we're loading a DB that was just created with the default auto-growth of 1MB for data and 10% for logs, the waits go crazy as the DB grows in 1MB increments. I was hoping there'd be an override somewhere for creating the DB or perhaps to use the options of the "model" database instead of the hard-coded options. I worked around it for now by changing the Drop/Create DB into just deleting and re-creating the tables, leaving the DB alone.